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Brazil 2012
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Evaldo, Carol, Sophia and MarioMario in front of the private residence of the Brazilian presidentSantuário Dom Bosco, Church honoring an Italian Father who had a vision of the later city of BrasíliaSantuário Dom Bosco, BrasíliaSantuário Dom Bosco, BrasíliaEvening in BrasíliaCathedral of Brasília at night
Mario, Sophia and Evaldo at lunch. There war very little food indeed!Christ statue being polished in front of the cathedral of BrasíliaInterior of the cathedral of BrasíliaInterior of the cathedral of BrasíliaAngel coming down from above in the cathedral of BrasíliaNational Museum in BrasíliaSophia in the national museum in Brasília
Congresso National in BrasíliaCongresso National in BrasíliaEvaldo at work in his office, Sophia is consulting...Butterfly in Iguazu, ArgentinaApproaching the most impressive part of the falls called "garganto do diabo" or devil's throat in Iguazu, ArgentinaGarganta do diabo, Iguazu, ArgentinaSophia and a butterfly re-inacting Michelangelos most famous painting in the Sistine Chapel in Rome.
We have proof there were at least 80 butterflies around the Iguazu falls in Argentina!This is number 73Hi, my name is Tucan!Sophia, Eva and another Tucan in the Iguaçu Bird Park, BrazilFern tree in Iguaçu, Brazil.Alligator claw in the Iguaçu Bird Park, Brazil. Obviously they do not restrict themselves to birds.They have orchids as well.
Emu bird in the Iguaçu Bird Park, Brazil.An albino peacock in the Iguaçu Bird Park, BrazilDeer seen on the way to the Iguaçu Falls, BrazilMario and Sophia in Iguaçu, BrazilCoati in the Iguaçu National Park, BrasilBeautiful lizard in Iguaçu National Park, BrazilNice little spider in Iguaçu National Park, Brazil
Counting butterflies on the Brazilian side of the falls now...Iguaçu falls, BrazilIguaçu falls, BrazilIguaçu falls, BrazilWet Sophia and Mario at Iguaçu falls, BrasilQuite a lot of water at Iguaçu falls, Brasil.

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