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Eva and Sophia near Rheinfall. (January 2, 2010)Sophia (December 24, 2009)Sophia (December 19, 2009)Sophia (December 6, 2009)Sophia (December 6, 2009)Sophia riding a carousel for the first time at HirseFest. (August 29, 2009)Sophia taking care of Nonna Helen (March 29, 2009)
Sophia and Nonno Guido (February 22, 2009)Sophia (February 22, 2009)Sophia (February 22, 2009)Eva and Sophia (February 22, 2009)Sophia (February 21, 2009)Sophia (February 21, 2009)Eva and Sophia reinacting a scene from "Shining" (February 21, 2009)
Sophia and Mario at Zurich Zoo (February 15, 2009).Sophia and Eva at Zurich Zoo (February 15, 2009).Sophia and Mario (February 15, 2009)Sophia, trying to strangle her dad using her favourite plush toy called "Chueli"  (February 15, 2009).Sophia (February 15, 2009)Fltr.: Marcel, Erika, Theres, Walter, Mario, Helen, Guido, Sophia and Eva. (November 16, 2008)Sophia (October 12, 2008)
Sophia (October 12, 2008)Sophia, October 12, 2008.Eva and Sophia, Sealife Konstanz, September 30, 2008.Sophia and Nonna Helen (September 29, 2008)Sophia with her friends. September 28. 2008.Sophia with Nonna Helen and Nonno Guido (July 27, 2008)Sophia enjoying summertime at her grandparents, June 28.
Sophia enjoying summertime, June 28.Sophia still enjoying summertime, June 28.Sophia and Mario, Zoo Zürich, May 5, 2008.Sophia and Mario, Trieste, April 24, 2008.Eva and Sophia, Trieste, April 24, 2008.Sophia together with Zia Maria. (April 23, 2008)Eva and Sophia, Trieste, April 24, 2008.
Sophia on her first birthday, together with Grandma Yvonne. March 31.Sophia watching spring arrive, March 26.Sophia enjoying chocolate for the first time, March 23.Sophia on Easter, March 23.Sophia, March 9, 2008.Sophia after bathing, February 10.Sophia eating pasta for the first time, February 5.
Sophia enthusiastically on the phone, January 26.Standing and loving it - Sophia, January 10, 2008.Sophia still eating, January 3, 2008.Sophia eating, January 2, 2008.Sophia together with her grandma Yvonne (December 25, 2007)Sophia and her grandma Yvonne (December 25, 2007)Sophia playing with her first ever Xmas gift. (December 24, 2007)

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