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Bilder unserer Familie
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Sophia, Eva, Fränzi, Theres (front row ltr.), Walti, Guido, Stefan and Mario (back row, ltr.)Nonn Guido together with Eva and Sophia. (March 11, 2017)Front row, fltr: Sophia, Rafaela, Luisa, Anesha and Timothy; 2nd row, fltr: Mario, Guido, Lúcio, Yvonne, Luís and Rita; top row, fltr: Eva and Thomas. (December 25, 2014, picture taken by Anchalee)Yvonne (Xmas 2014)Rafaela , Sophia and Rita (fltr, Xmas 2014)Lúcio and Luís (Xmas 2014)Guido (Xmas 2014)
Piero (July 27. 2014)Easter 2014 (fltr.: Mario, Yvonne, Lúcio, Sophia, Guido and Eva)Eva, Guido and Mario at Zuerifaescht 2013 (July 7, 2013)Sophia and Nonno Guido (July 6, 2013)Sophia and Nonno Guido (July 6, 2013)Sophia and Nonno Guido (July 6, 2013)Guido (March 30, 2012)
Guido (January 20, 2012, Mariposario Benalmádena, Spain)Yvonne, Sophia and Eva (fltr., April 24, 2011)Yvonne (December 24, 2010)Together with Aunt Erika and Uncle Marcel in their shop, located in Münsingen (December 11, 2010)Sophia, Yvonne and Lúcio (October 9, 2010)The Family with Letícia (August 15, 2010)Letícia (August 15, 2010)
Yvonne (December 26, 2009)Lúcio (December 25, 2009)Zia Maria with Mario. (Trieste, July 21, 2009)Sophia taking care of Nonna Helen (March 29, 2009) HelenSophia and Nonno Guido (February 22, 2009)Helen and Guido (November 30, 2008)
Fltr.: Marcel, Erika, Theres, Walter, Mario, Helen, Guido, Sophia and Eva. (November 16, 2008)Yvonne, October 12, 2008.Sophia and Nonna Helen (September 29, 2008)Sophia with Nonna Helen and Nonno Guido (July 27, 2008)Sophia together with Zia Maria. (April 23, 2008)Sophia on her first birthday, together with Grandma Yvonne. March 31.Yvonne (December 25, 2007)
Sophia together with her grandma Yvonne (December 25, 2007)Sophia and her grandma Yvonne (December 25, 2007)Lúcio (December 25, 2007)Eva, Yvonne and Lúcio enjoying their Xmas gifts. (December 24, 2007)Sophia with uncle Marcel (December 23, 2007)The new trend in child care: Nose feeding. Performed with excellence by Sophia's grandma Yvonne.Sophia having fun with Vovô Lucio, November 18.
Eva's 2nd grade cousin Joe and his son Dominic (June 24, 2007). Sophia with Grandma Yvonne, May 27.Sophia with Vovô Lucio, May 27.Sophia with Nonno Guido, May 23.Luis, Luisa and Rita.Luisa (Easter 2007)The family meets Sophia for the first time. (April 1, 2007, no joke though)

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