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A last family picture before Helen and Guido leave for another trip to the US and Mexico.Strolling around in Interlaken.Swiss Avantgarde fashion.Looking out of Eiger Nordwand.On the train up to Jungfraujoch.
Ice or Ice Cream?Ice sculptures in the Ice Palace.Slippery when frozen!
On Top of Europe.«Give me everything».No worries, they don't build freeways up on 3500 m., this is impressive Aletsch glacier.Sphinx view platform.
The new Brazilian skiing hope!Going down works fine......going up as well.Doesn't Mario just look like a real ski teacher with his jacket?Faster now!
After a little practice session Letícia was ready for the real thing!Let's try bob sliding as well!The Swiss champion is aware of the Brazilian competitor, but nevertheless still triumphs. The excellent posture of the Champ deserves even special mentioning!The 3 Mountaineers with beautiful «Mönch» in the background.

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